Healthy Self-Analysis:

Understanding the Part your Past Plays in Who You are Today

By Sara Jane

Self-analysis doesn’t have to be judgemental and critical; the truth is it shouldn’t be either of those things.

It should be about learning about yourself and how your past experiences and the feelings they bought up in you, affect your life today.

Since I started my “Healing Journey” following a “wake-up call” in the form of a broken jaw, some 25 years ago, I have been open to exploring past experiences, especially when something appears to “Trigger” me.

These triggers can come in many shapes and forms but are usually activated by either words or something that happens.

Literally within the last few days an incident has happened to me, I was walking my niece’s little dog when I tripped over a root or something that sent me flying and I literally ended up falling flat in my face.

Gratefully nothing is broken, just a few cuts, including a split lip with 2 chipped front teeth and bruises plus pretty badly shaken.

These days I tend to go into, why? what is this trying to tell me? what do I need to look at in my past so that I can help it to heal?

Knowing that my initial childhood trauma was boiling milk going over my face and down my neck with the jumper I was wearing sticking to my skin and that my wake-up call was a broken jaw, my feeling is that it is something connected to one or both of them.

This is what I mean by healthy self-analysis, knowing your story and exploring how each aspect of it could still be controlling your life today.

It is possible to learn to understand yourself, why you react in the way you do and support yourself to grow out of those behaviours that have served their purpose and that purpose was very likely to help protect you.

My suggestion if you are feeling drawn to look back, is to find somewhere quiet, turn off phones etc, a safe space, a walk in the countryside, a meditation and ask your mind, your higher self to allow a remembering of something that is relevant to what is happening or has just happened.

You can by all means ask for help and support from me, an understanding friend who is willing to listen or a professional.

Understanding our story and how it impacts on our life is a major step on our journey to healing.

The more love we show ourselves, all aspects, the more in tune we become with the person we are here to be.

Remember, it could be our higher self or the Universe trying to get our attention, the sooner we listen the easier it can be on us.

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