Is it Ok to Love Yourself?

By Sara Jane

For many of us, we were not taught that it is OK to Love ourselves, be considerate, caring, thoughtful of ourselves.

Many of us were taught that we always had to consider others and what we wanted wasn’t important.

If you thought about yourself, you were being selfish.


There is however a “quote” from the Bible that the majority of you will have heard (I am sure there are similar quotes from other religions).

“Love thy neighbour as thyself” Jesus

Suggestion, please read that again and let the words and their meaning sink in.

I was bought up a Catholic but for me so much of the church’s teachings were concentrated around considering others and not yourself.

Yet right there in the Bible Jesus tells us it is not just OK to Love ourselves but that to love others it is important to love ourselves first, so that we can bring that love to others.

So many of us have lived in poverty of love for ourselves because this teaching has been taken to be about others, when it, for me, is  firstly, about ourselves.

When we love, care, consider ourselves, listen to our feelings, inspiration, intuition, gut instinct, we are living form the place deep inside of us, which is our true essence – Love.

Namaste Sweet Souls

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