Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself By Sara Jane Challenge yourself to listen to your mind and the thoughts that run riot through it. Let yourself stop and analyse those thoughts. Are they thoughts from love or fear? Are they thoughts of support, encouragement? Or are they thoughts of uncertainty, reasons why you can’t/shouldn’t do something? Thoughts that helped […]

The Sweet Success of Rage

The Sweet Success of Rage By Sara Jane The definition of Rage according to “The Readers Digest Illustrated Dictionary” “1.a. Extreme, vehement anger; fury b. a fit of anger – 2. Furious intensity, as of a storm or disease – 3. Burning desire or passion – 4. Informal A fade, a craze, very fashionable” The […]

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself By Sara Jane (If you would like to hear Sara Reading this article, you will find the video at the bottom of the page) “I” is the most powerful word, whatever you put after it becomes your reality, especially when you give it real energy. Be warned, keep everything positive. […]

What is Your Comfort Zone?

What is Your ​Comfort Zone? By Sara Jane When you saw the title of this article, what was the first thought that came to mind? What do you consider your comfort zone to be? (A little background – I am writing this on Tuesday 12th September 2017. Tomorrow, Wednesday 13th I am recording a short Thoughtful […]

Life: A Risky Business

Life: A Risky Business By Sara Jane Risk: the possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger What risks are you taking on a daily basis? Or do you prefer to live your life without taking any? Well here is some food for thought for you to consider “Doing nothing can be more risky than going […]