Challenge Yourself

By Sara Jane

Challenge yourself to listen to your mind and the thoughts that run riot through it.

Let yourself stop and analyse those thoughts.

Are they thoughts from love or fear?

Are they thoughts of support, encouragement?

Or are they thoughts of uncertainty, reasons why you can’t/shouldn’t do something?

Thoughts that helped protect you as a child but that hinder you as an adult.

Challenge yourself to explore them, to discover their roots and then ask yourself if they still serve you.

We all have learned behaviours from our childhood, whether learnt from our own experiences or from things said to us by our care givers, family, teachers, even our peer group.

Are those “fears” still relevant or have you outgrown them?

Only you can decide, it is your choice to challenge those thoughts that have controlled your actions and reactions for so long.

Challenge yourself to listen to your heart, to the feelings of anticipation and excitement that flow through you when something new is suggested and it resonates with you.

Then challenge the thoughts that try to stop you, instead stop them in their tracks and encourage them to find ways to make it happen rather than reasons why not.

It is your choice to join the growing number of people who are challenging themselves to step outside their comfort zone and truly start to live their life and enjoy new experiences.

Those that are learning to say No, to others and Yes, to themselves.

Those remembering that this is their life to live, their journey, no one is here to live it for them and they are not here to live someone else’s life for them.

If you accept this challenge, feel the changes within you, watch your world grow and along the way you will probably, unknowingly, give others permission to do the same.

Namaste Sweet Soul

Copyright © Sara Jane 2023